By registering to be considered to use district facilities, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the rules printed in School Board Policy 830.  

  1. Apply to "Become a Requester".  If you are a requesting facilities for multiple clubs and/or sports, you need to "Become a Requester" for each club/sport.  Wait for approval/denial email.  You will not be able to log into the system until you have been approved.  
  2. Once approved, log in to your account to place facilities request. 
  • NAME EVENT: Be specific when naming your event (i.e. Basketball Tournament, FBLA Club Meeting, Wrestling Practice, etc).
  • SELECT LOCATION: Sort by building and/or location type at the top of the screen. Check the select box next to the location(s) you wish to book on the lower portion of the screen  You will receive an error and not be able to proceed if a location is not selected.​
  1. Wait for approval/denial email of your facilities request. To check on the status of your request, log in to your account and click on the request history tab.
  2. When a request has been approved, an electronic contract will be sent to the requester. Sign the electronic contract with the pin you created in your account.
  3. Once email notification is given that the your request has been tentatively scheduled, bring or mail a check to the school office or business office within one week of the notification date.  Failure to submit timely payment may result in cancellation of the facility use request.
  • If additional charges are made after the event, these charges will be invoiced.  Payment for additional charges must be received within 60 days of billing, or you may forfeit future use of the facilities.
  • Payments for an event cancelled voluntarily are nonrefundable.
  1. ​Upon receipt of the electronically signed contract and monies received, the facility has been officially reserved for your use.

If you have questions, please contact the appropriate person below.